Herbes & golems (Ltd edition CD) - Frajerman Denis

Etat : Neuf

Denis Frajerman - Herbes & golems (Ltd edition CD)

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1- Ouverture (4’02)
2- Face à la nuit (3’33)
3- Entre les murs (3’34)
4- Face au ciel  (3’27)
5- Derrière les silences/ Final (6’58)
6- Herbes 1 (6’33)*
7- Herbes 6 (7’03)*
8- Avant l’aurore (7’15)


This album is inspired by a book by Manuela Draeger, “Herbes & golems” (Editions de l'Olivier, Paris). Manuela Draeger is a post-exotic author. Post-exoticism is a French literary movement led by a French writer who calls himself Antoine Volodine. His work often involves cataclysms and has scenes of interrogation, and with this, he gained a number of awards here in France (Medicis, Wepler, Prix de l’Imaginaire…)

Denis Frajerman: guitars, bass, shakers,
percussions, gratin dish, indian bells, cheese grater, wind instruments, keyboards, voice, music box, tapes, field recording…

  • Label Douzieme lune
  • Etat Neuf
  • Auteur Frajerman Denis
  • Année 2018