Arrivage de disques d'occasion

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Arrivage de CD d'occasion. Ces articles seront référencés sur le site internet dans les semaines qui viennent mais sont d’ores et déjà en vente en magasin. :

Aether Se perdre : contre

A-ha Lifelines

Apostle of hustle Folkloric feel

Buzzcocks Buzzcocks

Cast All change

Catatonia Equally cursed and blessed

Cohen, Leonard Songs of Leonard Cohen

Cyann & Ben Happy like an antumn tree

Do make say think Other truths

Doves Lost sides

Fleetwood mac Collection gold

Flying lotus Cosmogramma

Fun lovin' criminals Come find yourself

Gojira L'enfant sauvage

Goldie Timeless

Gruntz, George Mental cruelty

Harlem Hippies

Joy division Unknown pleasures

Junior senior D-d-don't stop the beat

King crimson In the court of the crimson king

Kronos quartet Released 1985-1995

Les marquises Lost lost lost

Love Forever changes

Mansell, Clint Requiem for a dream

Matmos Matmos

Maximo park Apply some pressure

Morcheeba Part of the process

Morrissey The more you ignore me, the closer I get

Noir désir Tostaky

Oldfield, Mike The millennium bell

Phosphorescent To Willie

Placebo Sleeping with ghosts

Prong No absolutes

Rialto Rialto

Rob Satyred love

Santogold Santogold

Silverchair Freak show

Soulwax Leave the story untold

Stevens, Cat The very best of

Telefon Tel Aviv Map of what is aeffortless

Television personalities My dark places

The charlatans North country boy

The fiery furnaces EP

The flaming lips Embryonic

The grateful dead Anthem of the sun

The mountain goats Get lonely

The vines Highly evolved

The walkmen / Calla The walkmen / Calla

Thévenin, Chloé & Smagghe, Ivan Kill The DJ Introducing The Dysfunctional Family - A Mixed Up Compilation

Thousand yard stare Fair to middling

Venetian snares My so-called life

Wilco A.M.

Yeah yeah yeahs Show your bones

The Beavis and Butt-head experience

The love otters duets part II

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